15 Sep 2020

Top 9 Items You Need for Dance Class

September 15, 2020Uncategorized

Coming to dance class prepared helps you have the best experience possible! Here are 9 items we suggest you have with you each time you come to dance class.

  1. Dance Bag!
      • Each dancer should have their own dance bag to keep shoes and other supplies in. Dancers will bring dance bag in with them to the classroom.
  2. Face mask
      • All dancers 5 and up should have a face mask! The mask should cover the nose and mouth. If you are searching for the perfect mask for dancing, check out Tutu! They have a variety of face masks, some which include a lanyard to help keep your mask secure while dancing.
  3. Water bottle
      • It is essential to stay hydrated while dancing. Each dancer can bring in their own water bottle to class! A reusable bottle with an easy lid/straw is best for our younger dancers to reduce spills.
  4. Proper attire
      • Dress for success! Dancers should dress correctly for the class they are taking.
  5. Proper footwear
      • It’s not easy to take a Tap class without Tap shoes! Dancers should have the correct footwear for each class. For Hip Hop classes, please make sure shoes are indoor shoes only as any outdoor shoes will track dirt into our studios.
  6. Hair supplies
      • Dancer’s hair should be pulled off of their face! It’s always smart to keep a few extra hair ties and bobby pins in your dance bag.
  7. Hand sanitizer
      • Each studio will have its own hand sanitizer. It’s not a bad idea to keep some in your dance bag as well!
  8. Bandaids
      • Each studio will also be equipped with bandaids, but it doesn’t hurt to have these in your dance bag as well.
  9. A positive attitude!
      • Come into dance class ready to work and have fun! This will help the other dancers and teachers have a great time as well.



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