13 Feb 2019

Recital JOY

The moment that we shout “Places!” is one of the most exciting of our Recital Weekends! You can FEEL the energy backstage where dancers are lined up eagerly awaiting their moment on stage, the performers in our Opening Number are whispering last minute “good luck” to their fellow dancers, the audience goes quiet and our opening video song begins to...

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05 Nov 2018

Recital Happiness!

Let’s talk about the Recital! Dancing is a performing art, therefore recitals are often considered to be the highlight of a dancer’s experience each year! The annual recital is an incredible opportunity that harvests a variety of benefits for both the dancers and their families! What are the top benefits of a dance recital? Recitals boost confidence! When children...

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03 Sep 2018

Thomas Dance Pre Professional Contemporary Jazz Program

The Thomas Dance Pre-Professional Contemporary Jazz Program provides rigorous training for intermediate and advanced dancers ages 12-17. Pre-Professional students will attend Ballet, Contemporary and Jazz classes at The Thomas Dance Studio throughout the school year.  The program is designed for dancers to attend traditional school in the morning or early afternoon and travel to the studio for late afternoon classes. ...

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07 Nov 2017

Holiday Pop Up Shop

7 days Fridays until Christmas! That means it’s time to get moving on your Holiday shopping! We are so excited to be unveiling our 50th anniversary logo and lots of fun swag to go with it THIS WEEKEND!! Don’t miss our Pop Up Shop this weekend! Friday 12:30-7:30 Saturday 9:30-3:30 Sunday 12:00-5:00

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16 Aug 2017

Miss Lindsay reflects on parenthood and Thomas Studio’s new integrative dance program

There’s no greater feeling than the one you get when you see your child light up with joy and a sense of accomplishment.  Whether they’re reciting their ABC’s for the very first time or sprinting for a hug after their first day of school, the sensation of achievement and pride radiates and as a parent, your heart swells with...

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08 Mar 2017

The Thomas Dance Company Wins Big!

Congratulations to the 72 member Thomas Dance Company and our amazing Dance Company teachers for a hugely successful showing at StarQuest National Dance Competition! The dancers performed in almost 130 dance routines ranging from solos, duets, trios, groups and one full Company Production Number! We were thrilled that the dancers performed with so much passion and power on stage....

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09 Sep 2016

Industry Dance Awards!

Miss Jess and Miss Linda were honored to have been flown to the Industry Dance Awards in Los Angeles, Ca after Miss Jess and Miss Emily’s amazing choreography was nominated for the Industry Dance Awards! Their dance “Surfacing” was nominated out of 80 cities and over 200,000 dances! WOW! What makes this nomination even better was that the Industry...

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