13 Feb 2019

Recital JOY

The moment that we shout “Places!” is one of the most exciting of our Recital Weekends! You can FEEL the energy backstage where dancers are lined up eagerly awaiting their moment on stage, the performers in our Opening Number are whispering last minute “good luck” to their fellow dancers, the audience goes quiet and our opening video song begins to play! We have been planning this moment for over a year! I’m not kidding when I say that we have been talking about themes and planning since the last curtain closed on the previous year’s Recital! Our dancers have been preparing for 9 months as they steadfastly work on their technique in class every week, stumble and fall but then stand back up and try again when their teacher presents new material and, of course, practice and rehearse their Recital dance with the exciting anticipation of presenting it, with pride, to their family and friends! We are thrilled to present our 2019 Recital RISE this May 18th and 19th and ANIMAL KINGDOM this June 1st & 2nd. Together, with our incredible teachers, staff, and students we can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on!






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