27 Sep 2020

6 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Virtual Dance Class

September 27, 2020Inspiration

  1. Try to find your own space to dance, away from pets and siblings if possible! This will allow you to concentrate and get the most out of your experience.
  2. Dress the part! Make sure you wear clothes that you would wear to that particular dance class. This will help you be ready to take on any challenges the teacher throws your way.
  3. Keep your volume up! This way you can clearly hear the teacher while you are up moving around.
  4. Work on using non-verbal cues to communicate to your teacher. Thumbs up if you feel good, hand up if you have a question!
  5. Keep water nearby to stay hydrated. Just like a normal dance class, you will be working hard and will be able to take water breaks when the teacher allows them!
  6. Follow up with your teacher. If you are unsure about something that happened during your virtual class, ask a parent to email your teacher to clear up any questions you may have! Your teachers are happy to help and want your experience to be fantastic. Below you can see a few tips from Miss Kristin on how to have a successful virtual class:

“As dancers are navigating their new normal to their dance training it is important to remember these few things to gain the most from their virtual learning. Find a space with minimal distractions. Dress as if you were at the studio, if you are taking a ballet and tap class, wear your leotard and tights. Remember to ask questions, your teachers are there to help you! Last but not least, remember how much dance means to you, dance with your heart!”

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