Ages 18 months–6 years

The Thomas Studio’s Petite Performers program is dedicated to our dancers ages 18 months–6 years. Research has shown that children best build knowledge and skills through a continuous and spiraling process of instruction. Our program is organized in this spiral form, allowing children to actively build new learning and understanding on their prior knowledge. Our two, three, and four year olds are all separated into their own classes focusing on their particular age and developmental needs.

The Petite Performers program is designed to offer children opportunities to learn a routine, receive positive reinforcement for understanding and participating in that routine, and feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. Simple tasks like entering the room alone, placing their very own dance bag in its proper place, following the leader, and taking turns help a young dancer to develop skills that will be beneficial throughout their life. Our students enjoy a playful and loving environment where cognitive, language, and social skills will be enhanced as fun and exciting dance steps are introduced.

Mommy & Me

Our Mommy & Me program is a special time for mommies or daddies and 18-30 month olds consisting of creative movement and play using props, equipment, and music.  Dancers are given the opportunity to develop socialization skills and build body awareness, gross motor skills, and memory skills through singing and dancing in a comfortable and playful environment.  

Two Year Olds

Our encouraging teachers will help your young dancer experience their first dance steps with a sense of wonder and joy! This 30-minute class is designed to introduce ballet and gymnastics through creative movement in a safe and happy environment. Dance class will help 2 year olds develop perceptual motor activities (locating body parts, patterning), memory skills with two direction patterns (reach & roll, point & close, up & down), creative expression, cognitive competencies (sizes, shapes, colors), and social skills (expressing and controlling emotions, sharing, making friends). Watching your young dancer find his or her wings in dance class while hopping, marching and jumping will be just as exciting for you as it is for them!

Three Year Olds

During this 45-minute class, your dancer will experience the joys of ballet, gymnastics and tap. Each of those three genres will help your dancer gain knowledge and exercise while learning. Ballet is the basis of all dance and will help dancers learn posture and control while also learning to leap, skip and spin. Tap will help young dancers understand rhythm and musicality while also working on coordination. In Gymnastics, our Petite Performers develop strength and dexterity while learning fun and age appropriate tricks. Because this period in a child’s life is considered to be the golden years of fantasy, our knowledgeable teachers will utilize imagination in class to help the children learn. Parents will be amazed at how much their three year old will accomplish during our season and our dancers will be proud to showcase their new skills on stage at our annual Recital!

Four Year Olds

These young dancers will enjoy a 60-minute class that includes ballet, gymnastics and tap. Building on the skills developed in our three-year-old program, the teachers will encourage students to expand their dance vocabulary and assemble steps into variations and patterns. Students will also enjoy the opportunity to explore their own creativity through various movement games and floor patterns. Our teachers will continue to foster a love of dancer for these young dancers and parents will see their confidence grow!


Kindergarten-aged dancers can choose to build their love of dance through combination classes featuring ballet and tap or jazz and gymnastics. Dancers at this age are also given the opportunity to participate in one of our hugely popular hip hop classes. In all genres, kindergarten dancers are encouraged to explore their own creativity, expand their dance vocabulary, begin to understand concepts of rhythm and tempo, and develop both leadership and partnering skills.    

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