05 Nov 2018

Recital Happiness!

Let’s talk about the Recital!

Dancing is a performing art, therefore recitals are often considered to be the highlight of a dancer’s experience each year! The annual recital is an incredible opportunity that harvests a variety of benefits for both the dancers and their families!

What are the top benefits of a dance recital?

Recitals boost confidence! When children experience getting on stage, performing for an audience, and being applauded for their efforts, they gain self-confidence they will carry with them in all aspects of school and life!

Recitals promote teamwork! Teamwork and camaraderie are skills needed not only in dance class, but also school, future careers, other activities, and family life. Recitals provide a wonderful opportunity for dancers to learn that anything one can do, a group can do better!

Recitals provide goals! Athletes have tournaments and games, and dancers have Recitals! The months spent preparing for a recital teaches students to work toward a goal! Dancers take pride conquering new steps; and knowing that they’ll be showing their accomplishment off to family & friends gives them the added encouragement to work hard!

Recitals build new skills! Preparing for a recital is a way for dancers to work on retention/memorization skills, rhythm, technique, patterning and much, much more. Recitals also introduce new terminology, stage directions and performance skills. It is an all-encompassing educational opportunity.

Recitals create memories! Recital memories are lifelong memories! Recital performances provide dancers with the opportunity to share what they have learned with the most treasured people in their young lives. Costumes become precious keepsakes, and recital photos become the highlights of scrapbooks and albums. For our dance families, Recital is a time to celebrate their dancer’s achievements, and for dancers, the recital instills a passion for the art of dancing and performing.


As a family owned business we strive to make every detail special and organized for our dance families:

We do all needed seamstress work for you and provide classes with tights instead of asking you to purchase your own.

We hold 9 different Recitals allowing us to keep them from getting too long!

Our first weekend of Recitals in May are specially designed for our dancers aged 7 and older which we begin each recital with an incredible opening video highlighting all of our dancers!

We also have recently started the special tradition of holding a benefit show that weekend with the proceeds going to a local charity!

Our second weekend of Recitals in June are centered around a magical them for our youngest dancers!



Because it is our goal to produce the most organized Recital around we bring in over 40 adults at each Recital to help in the dressing area and backstage as well as with parking, tickets, finding seats, and security. There is not a detail that we have not taken care of.


The Thomas Dance Studio Recital is an event the entire staff looks forward to all yearand we can’t wait to share this valuable and special experience with you and your dancer!

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