21 Oct 2015

Recital 2016

October 21, 2015Get to Know

Our recitals are an exciting event featuring the students in a professional atmosphere. This performance opportunity is an important part of the training process as students experience the theater through rehearsals and performances. Although the recitals are not mandatory, they are a wonderful way for students to showcase the results of their hard work and for family and friends to join in witnessing the pride of their achievement.

What are the Benefits of a Dance Recital?

Dancing on stage in front of an audience builds confidence in these young performers. They know that all eyes are on them while they whirl, twirl, and jump. The joy and pride the students are filled with when they stride off the stage makes the backstage area feel electric!

Performing a two to three minute routine will not allow a dancer to demonstrate all they’ve been taught over the course of the year, but it does allow students to showcase many of the dance skills learned and practiced in class. The sense of accomplishment seen on the faces of these terrific kids says it all.

Dance can often be seen as an individual art form. While students progress and develop at their own rate, dance is a wonderful team sport full of cooperation and teamwork. Classmates must all attend classes in order to learn and effectively practice the choreography. Each student is an equally important piece in the stage blocking (arrangement) puzzle. We are proud that our classes are full of supportive kids who clap for each other, lift each other up, and make friends with each other.

We hope all parents are as proud of our dancers as we are when they take the stage. During the show, we encourage everyone take a moment to realize that beyond the sequins, lights, and music is a young performer being lifted to the next level!

TSPA Plans Ahead!

We plan for the recitals well in advance by ordering costumes, planning choreography, and producing a program as early as October.  However, students will not begin learning their recital routines until January. We spend as much time as possible teaching dance technique and devote only the time needed to learn the recital piece.


Costumes are a very important aspect to a performance. They help create the magical atmosphere for the performers and define the character for the audience, but still need to be affordable for the parents. Our staff strives to choose quality costumes at a reasonable cost. The process begins in November when all students are measured and continues through May when the costumes appear on stage! In addition to the time it takes for the companies to make and ship the costumes, we also use this time to tailor the costumes for each student. It is very important to us that you receive a costume ready for the stage and not spend time at your sewing machine. We hire an outside seamstress to take care of any necessary alterations so your child can perform in comfort and confidence.


Stage rehearsals serve many purposes but all center around one goal – for the dancers to feel confident on stage. Important staging and lighting decisions are made at rehearsal and students will experience the backstage area, find their spots on stage, and begin to understand how our Grand Finale will be run!


Everyone attending the recitals is required to have an admission ticket. This does not include students participating. The Studio provides 4 tickets to the Recital with our Recital Package. Additional tickets may be purchased online (beginning May 1st) or at the door.


We go to great lengths to assure the backstage procedure is as organized as what you see on stage. Our dedicated Staff and adult volunteers oversee the dressing rooms and assist each class to their special spot backstage and back to their dressing room. We also have a dressing room monitor to assist with costume changes and we build changing areas in each dressing room. We provide books, games and DVDs to make the time pass quickly. The safety and comfort of your child is the utmost priority.


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