17 Oct 2020


Did you hear?!? October might be halfway over but BOSS-TOBER is just beginning! We’ve all settled into our fall time routines and there’s no time like the present to focus on new goals and positive growth habits to make those goals a reality!

Who’s got two thumbs and is the BOSS of their success?

In dance (and in life!) we are responsible for the things within our control. Attitude, effort, preparedness, and behavior are all things we can control. When we walk into class with a POSITIVE attitude, we will have a GREAT day! We are the BOSS of our own successes!

For the next month, we are committing to establishing long term positive habits in dance and in life!

Happy to be here, ready to work!

Why is it important to establish positive habits? Dancers are best able to build a strong technical foundation when they recognize their responsibility to their progress. Being prepared, focused, and committed to growth are the first steps to continued improvement over the course of a week, month, year, or lifetime!

“What gets measured gets managed!”
Dance allows us to show expression & creativity, to tell stories and make believe. Dance gets us moving and is incredible exercise. But by tracking how we approach class we can improve our technique and achieve our goals! Simple steps like being prepared for class, writing down choreography, practicing at home, and spending time taking care of our bodies can lead to immeasurable success in dancers at any age! And it’s never too early to start! Our CORE dancers utilize dance journals to write down choreography and notes, as well as a place to record positive affirmations & inspiring quotes. The act of writing these important things down help our dancers to remember important information and have a place to reference from week to week. A dance journal can be something simple like a spiral notebook, or you can be creative and decorate a dance journal with stickers, glitter, paint…the sky’s the limit!

We have released 2 worksheets for our dancers to use that will help them to identify and put into practice the habits that will help them succeed – in the dance studio and in life! Use these worksheets in whatever way works best for your dancer!

BOSS-tober worksheet: Use this to brainstorm ways to get the most out of class – before, during, and after! We’ve given several examples, but there is space for your own ideas, too! At the bottom of this worksheet, write down a long term habit that you want to establish.

Habit Tracker worksheet: This is where the magic happens! Keep track of the little things, like being prepared for class, using time wisely and staying focused during class, and taking time to reflect after class. The little things will add up to big improvements and goals achieved!

We believe that DANCE lessons are LIFE lessons – the skills learned in our studio make our dancers strong, responsible, and independent movers and shakers!

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